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Government Of Assam Sonitpur District

District Profile
Land and People


1. Mishings: The Mishing people live in a scattered manner in the northern part of the Naduar.

2. The Bodos: The Bodo dominated areas include the northern part of Dhekiajuli,Thelamara, Chariduar & Naduar Circle.

Language: They generally speak the Bodo language, belonging to the Sino-Tibetan family. But the Assamese language is the lingua franca for them.

Religion: While a majority of them follows Hindu religion along with its variant forms, a certain portion of them follow Christianity. The Bodos perform Bathow puja. They have their own distinct culture, but many of them have also adopted Assamese ways.

3. Other Tribes: Other major tribes of the District include the Rabhas, Mechs, Nyishis, Garos, Adis, Apatanis, Lamas etc. Their population is sparse, and mainly confined to the foothills of the Himalayas near Arunachal Pradesh.

Language: They speak either their tribal language, or their variant of Assamese. Of course, they use Assamese as a lingua franca.

Religion: The Rabhas and Mechs follow Hindu religion; Lamas and Nyishis are Buddhists; Garos are Christians; Adis and Apatanis either follow their traditional form of religion .