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Government Of Assam Sonitpur District

Wild Life Trail

Bura Chapori Wild Life Sanctuary

Bura Chapari -an old sandbank turned permanent, faces the mighty river Brahmaputra and like the famousKaziranga National Park housed mammals, reptiles and birds and plays host to a host of migrants who can feed and move around here. Declared a reserved forest in 1974 it became a sanctuary in 1995 with all the protective and developing measures which follow in their wake. It is 40 km away from Tezpur Town.

It has an area of 44.6 sq. km. and forest type is of alluvial flood plains. Major part of the sanctuary is covered by grassland with patches of water bodies and woodland, strip of plantations created during the past has helped to create- barriers around the sanctuary. The mammalian species it harbours are Tiger, Elephant, Wild Buffalos, Hog Deer, Wild Boar besides bird species like Bengal Florican, Black Necked Stork, Open Billed Stork, White eyed Pochard, Millard, Spot Bill, Large Whistling Teal and many others.         

What you can see in Winter---
1. Mallard
2. Black Naked Stork
3. White Eye Pochard
4. Open Billed Stork
5. Pintail
6. Brahmini Duck
7. Large Whistling Teal
8. Shovller
9. Common Teal, Darter, Cormorant.