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Government Of Assam Sonitpur District

Sonitpur West Division - Details of Human-Elephant Conflict data

*    Works of total of 6 km. length of Solar Power Fencing is in under progress for effective management of human elephant conflict.
*    6 km. Forest Road in Balipara & Bhomoraguri Reserve Forests have maintained during 2019-20 with a cost of Rs.6,00,000/-
*    Construction of new Beat Office is in under progress at Bhomoraguri near NH-37-A with complete solar facility alongwith timber shed house.
*    Submit proposal for establishment of Nagar Van Udyan at Ou-guri Hills, Tezpur with a cost of Rs.50.0 lakhs
*   More than 60 nos. of Search Light, Torch Light have been distributed to the fringe villagers to mitigate human elephant  conflict under Sonitpur West Division, Tezpur.  
*    Renovation of Divisional Office during 2019-20
*    Renovation & electrification of Bhalukpong Sub-Beat Office during 2019-20.
*    Renovation of 6 nos. Staff Quarter during 2019-20.
*    Purchase of Stationeries, Utensils, Xerox Machine for Divisional Office during 2019-20.
*    Upto date position of e-filling of Income tax return and GST return.
*    No Pension cases have been pending to dispose till 31st October/2020.
*    3.0 Ha. & 1.5 Ha. CAMPA nurseries have been properly maintained even no fund has been release from the Govt. during    2019-20.