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Government Of Assam Sonitpur District

Irrigation Department-Success Stories


Under the Tezpur Division(Irrigation), there are 20 nos. of completed schemes and 3 nos. of ongoing schemes. Currently, the Division is supplying water to 2741 Ha of cultivated fields annually during two seasons (i.e Rabi& Pre kharif and Kharif season) as per the demand of the cultivators. Moreover, the Division is capable of supplying water to 3338 Ha of cultivated fields. Increase in this figure would be seen after successful completion of the ongoing schemes.

The works for DTW schemes (30 Points) under Borsola Development Block under NLCPR,2014-15 have been completed on March, 2018. The Administrative Approval for the scheme has been accorded for Rs. 18.46 Cr.and technically sanctioned for Rs. 18.46 Cr. Currently some technical tests are under operation before dedicating this vital scheme for the benefit of the public. After successful completion of these tests, the department would be able to provide water to 900 Ha of cultivated fields through this scheme. Currently water is being supplied to 196 Ha of cultivated field on trial basis during this kharif season.

Under SOPD, two irrigation schemes have been sanctioned under Tezpur Division. One of them is Solar powered Minor DTW Irrigation scheme at Kundarbari village under Gabharu dev block. The work for this scheme is under progress. After successful completion of this scheme 10Ha of fields can be irrigated.

The other scheme approved under SOPD is Reconstruction of the Panbari FIS .The Administrative Approval of the scheme has been accorded for Rs.18.50 Cr and Technically sanctioned for Rs. 18.50 Cr. After completion of the scheme it would be able to provide water to 1004 Ha.of cultivated fileds.