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Government Of Assam Sonitpur District

Irrigation Department-Overview


India is an agrarian economy. Large chunk of Indian population is dependent on Agriculture and allied activity. Indian farmers are heavily dependent on Monsoon / rainy seasons for cultivation of crops. Failure of monsoon often leads to draught like situation affecting the crops. For the growth of Indian Economy, to feed its huge population without degradation and destruction of critical ecosystem services, stress need to be given on adequate supply of water to the cultivable lands through irrigation schemes. Water is precious resource. Hence  it is vital to adopt effective utilization of water through storage , channelizing and judicious  uses .The Irrigation provision to cultivable field should be cost effective at the same time should achieve social objective such as food security or poverty alleviation. Improved allocation of irrigation water is required within in agricultural sector in order to achieve greater efficiently in use of irrigation water of existing irrigation infrastructures. Re-allocation is also required in order to reduce water logging and stalinisation of irrigated land to decrease the negative environmental and other externalities (caused by over extraction of ground water and depletion and pollution of surface water).

Total crop area of Sonitpur district is 78,312 Hect  and  irrigation potential created is 24,147 Hect  which is around 31% of total crop area. Most of the water sources for different irrigation schemes are perenial in nature. However ground water are also used through different tube well schemes to meet the needs.