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Government Of Assam Sonitpur District

FCS & CA - Overview

The vision of Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Sonitpur is to provide food security to the poor population of the District by implementation of Public Distribution System for welfare of the society. At present the Department is providing food items under PDS to 84.17% of rural & 60.35% of urban population i.e. 2,63,027 Nos of families under AAY and Priority Household categories through National Food Security Act 2013.
The mission of the Department is to ensure supply of food grains (Rice and Wheat) and other commodities like Kerosene oil to the consumers in a transparent manner under Public Distribution System and other Govt. schemes at Fair Price. Various schemes implemented by the department are National Food Security Act, 2013 and And PMGKAY Covid-19 period.
The main objectives of the department are to provide access to adequate quantity of quality food at affordable price in the district. As per its mandate the department works in implementation of Public Distribution System for the poor section of the society along with its allied schemes. We have endeavored to ensure proper monitoring of PDS at Gpss/wccs and FPS  level engaging different levels of Vigilance& Monitoring Committee as well as Area Officers of Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Sonitpur tezpur to avoid leakage and diversion of PDS items. Apart from PDS, the Deptt. monitors the open market of the district. Regular monitoring of stocks and prices of essential commodities are undertaken in District level. The important role of the Dept. is to ensure price control and availability commodities of daily needs of mass consumption. The dealers of essential commodities have to display Stock and price board daily in a conspicuous place of their shop premises easily visible to all concern. They are also made compulsory for submission of a Daily Return showing Stock & Price. These act stood as deterrent and avoid concealment of facts. The field staff i.e. Inspecting Staff have to play a vital role in smooth functioning of PDS. Regular inspection is undertaken by the FCS & CA officials to ensure that the allotted PDS items reach the consumer and proper distribution is made by the PDS dealers at fixed prices S.K. Oil and W/Atta.  Rice under NFSA/ PMGKY is now free of cost W.e.f April 2020. There are enforcement squads in the District  level for surprise check. Occasional surprise raids and inspections/ enquiries are undertaken by the enforcement squad which gives considerable impact in distribution channel of PDS items. Regular coordination is made with FCI, IOC, Railways and other agencies as well as Govt.Dept./ Organization to ensure proper and active participation of these organizations in the matter of movement/ transportation of the PDS items. Consumers/ citizens of the District may tender their grievances or information/ query if any to the Deputy Director, FCS & CA sonitpur tezpur in writings directly or through the facilitation and public grievance cell. On receipt of any complain the matter will be attended promptly and enquired immediately to provide suitable remedy.