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Tezpur Chilli

Chilli was introduced in India by the Portuguese in 1542 which has now become the universal spice of India. India is the highest producer of this nature’s wonder. One of the most popular varieties of chilli is “Tezpur Chilli”- which has now been universally accepted as the hottest chilli. Locally known as “Bhot Jalakia” ”Naga Jalakia” or”Maharani”.This particular chilliy variety , with its hotness of 855 K unit achieved the top position by replacing ’Red Savina Habnero’,- the Mexican chilly which has a hotness of 577k


Tezpur Litchi

The demand of the scented, fleshy and mouth watering giant Tezpur litchi has grown beyond expectation. Observing this ever increasing demand, the District Agriculture Department has worked out an Action Plan to increase the area, production and productivity of the Tezpur litchi and has started its action in this regard.

Steps taken by the Department of agriculture to popularize the Tezpur Litchi :

Sonitpur agriculture has taken a great step to expand the area of Tezpur litchi in the entire district though the Area Expansion Programme under the scheme HMNEH. Under this scheme an area of 390 Ha allotted to different growers group of the district upto the year 2015-16. Out of this, an area of 75 Ha has been successfully completed with creation of Litchi village at Porowa and Pormaighuli under ADO circle Ghoramari. Another major litchi area expansion have been successfully completed in the villages of Uttar Dharikati, Dharikati and 16mile Bhalukpung in Chariduar ADO circle. The farmers of the villages of Naharbari, Oubari, Samukia , Balijuri, Nizarapar are accepting the litchi area expansion progremme with great excitement. The department initiated a small nursery during the year 2009-10 with the farmers of Porowa to produce quality layers of three popular litchi varieties Viz. Bombaiya, Bilaity and Ilaishi which were distributed to the farmers of the villages under area expansion programme .It is to be mentioned here that farmers are still continuing the nursery and litchi orchard from their own efforts.