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Government Of Assam Sonitpur District

Act & Rules.

    • 1.Essential commodities Act-1955
    • 2.National Food Security Act-2013
    • 3.Consumer Protection Act-1986
    • 4.Assam Public Distribution Articles (Control) order-1982
    • 5.Assam Trade Articles (Licensing & Control) order-1982
    • 6.Public Distribution System (control) order-2015
    • 7.Food Security (Assistance to State Govt.'s) Rules-2015
    • 8.Prevention of Black Marketing & Maintenance of Essential Commodities Act-1980
    • 9.Assam Paddy and Rice Procurement (Levy & Licensing) permanent Order -1995
    • 10.Assam Paddy and Rice Procurement (Levy & Licensing) (Amendment) Permanent order -2000
    • 11.Assam State Consumer Protection Rule-1989
    • 12.Assam State Consumer Protection (Amendment) Rule-2010
    • 13.Assam (Food & Civil Supplies) Service Rule-1970.
    • 14.Kerosene (Restriction & fixation of Ceiling Price) Order 1993 and its Amendment, 1998/ 2001
    • 15.Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation of Supply and Distribution) order 2000 and it's Amendment
    • 16.Lubricating Oils and Greases (Procession, supply and Distribution Regulation) Order 1987.
    • 17.The Motor Spirit and High Speed Diesel ( Regulation of supply distribution and prevention and malpractices) order,2005 and amendment order 2007, The RTI Act 2005